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Aggressive Defense for Traffic Violations in Las Vegas

Scott Holper can provide you with aggressive defense against all types of traffic tickets and criminal charges. Regardless of whether the allegations you are facing are for a criminal offense or a traffic violation, we are dedicated to working hard for your case.

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In Las Vegas, a traffic ticket can have severe consequences that exceed just a fine. If your livelihood is centered on driving a taxi or a truck, getting too many tickets could cost you your income. In addition to fines, points are usually accrued on your driving record. After accumulating enough points, you may face a driver's license suspension. We can fight to defend your driving privileges and your reputation!

If you have you received a traffic ticket, Scott Holper for help! We will put your best interests first and will personalize your legal counsel to meet your individual needs.

Do you have a traffic ticket you need to take care of? Call Vegas Ticket Masters!Scott Holper, Esq.

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